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Avoiding Deck Stair Defects

Build deck stairs according to best practices rather than code to protect your... More

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Ready Frame Reinvents the Framing Package

BMC adds precut everything—plates, headers, cripples, trimmers, and more—to... More

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New Skin for an Oceanfront Dormer

Advanced membranes and careful detailing help this coastal house face the elements More

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Installing Flanged Windows: Two Strategies Compared (Part 2)

Gene Summy provides tips on a proper AMAA “A-1” method flashing installation More

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Installing Prefinished Strip Flooring

Skip the sanding but take more time for a careful install More

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Rethinking Window Flashing

Flashing windows the "right way" requires three sets of instructions - for the... More

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Common Siding Failures

Avoid errors that will cause a fiber-cement job to fail More

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Prepping Shower Walls for Tile

An experienced tile-setter uses the light-weight Schluter system to get shower... More

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Major Surgery for a Failing Fat Wall

The worst decades for building science weren’t in the 1800s; they were late 1970s... More

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Neutral Necessity: Wiring Three-Way Switches

In the latest National Electric Code, every switch box in a habitable room or... More

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Thinset Coverage for Tile
Tags: Tile
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Kitchen Layout
Tags: Kitchen, Design
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Installing Tile Underlayment
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Deck Guardrails
Tags: Decks, Safety, Decks
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Snapping Layout Lines for Walls

The layout and squaring process for a deck, slab, or on top of foundation walls. More

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Video Series - Best Practice Drywall

In this seven-part video series, JLC contributor and JLC Live presenter, Myron...

Basic Wall Layout

Veteran contractor and JLC LIVE presenter, Mike Sloggatt demonstrates effective...

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