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It's a Wrap

By now it's widely known that the newer pressure-treating formulas are more corrosive than CCA — but not everyone realizes that they also leach their preservatives faster. According to its maker, self-adhering Post & Pole protective wrap prevents this leaching and eliminates contact with soilborne organisms that can cause premature decay. It's also suitable for posts set in concrete. A pair of 3-inch-by-25-foot rolls costs $7.50 on the company's Web site. MFM Building Products, 800/882-7663,

Bricks Fix

Brick and stone veneer should last as long as the building they clad — but corroded ties can quickly turn a beautiful faade into a dangerous liability. Until recently there wasn't much to be done about this problem, but now there's Powers' stainless-steel Heli-Pin. This twisted metal anchor installs from the outside to secure loose veneer to block or framing. Since the installation tool countersinks the pin 1/2 inch, the repair is virtually undetectable after patching. Prices range from $4 to $4.75 each, depending on the length. The installation tool costs $200. Powers Fasteners, 914/235-6300,

Breathe Easier

It's a common dilemma: How do you provide eaves ventilation when you don't have an overhang? I like DCI's SmartVent. Each 3-foot section of the shingle-over vent — in tandem with a continuous slit in the roof sheathing — provides 9 square inches of ventilation. The product can also be used at the top of a roof (when the top of the rafter cavity is blocked by a fire wall or ridge beam, for example) or on shed roofs. It sells for $3 to $4 per foot. DCI Products, 800/622-4455,

Tight Corners

Sloppy J-channel corners can really detract from an otherwise good-looking vinyl siding job. Even worse, water running through poorly executed corners can easily find its way into the building. Kwik Corners are meant to address both issues. Available for Alcoa, Royal, Kaycan, and GP siding, they have a surprisingly intricate shape that assures a tight fit and proper drainage. A box of 100 costs about $110. RLC Technologies, 207/495-3441,