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Producing tight-fitting inside corners with baseboard and crown molding can be a challenge. When the corner isn't in the same plane as the rest of the wall, the resulting gaps (especially at the bottom) often require copious amounts of caulk or putty. The Trim Adjustor can help. Here's how it works: First you run in the headless screw until it bottoms out on the framing. Then you turn the screw in the opposite direction, which forces the trim outward and closes any gaps. Last, you fill the 3/16-inch hole with putty or cover it with a shoe molding. An 80-count package of Trim Adjustors costs $28. Copemaster, 800/630-1104,

Juice Box

Installing receptacles in kitchen islands and other spaces lacking a wall or backsplash inevitably involves some kind of compromise. Wiremold/Legrand's Pop-Up Power Units bypass this problem quite cleverly. The 15- and 20-amp receptacles sport gasketed, spring-loaded covers and come in a variety of finishes. The company sells similar products for data connection. Prices start at $75. Wiremold/Legrand, 800/621-0049,

Wireless Alarms

Interconnected smoke alarms have been the norm in new construction for many years now, but a lot of older homes still don't have this life-saving feature. Innotek has a great solution: Its battery-powered Protek Wireless interconnecting smoke alarm uses wireless technology to sound all the smoke alarms in a house whenever one goes off. It satisfies HUD regulations and most inspectors. List prices start at $90. Innotek, 877/476-8133,