More than 100 houses in the New York City neighborhoods of Breezy Point and Belle Harbor caught fire and burned during the night when Sandy flooded the area. Now, homeowners in the neighborhood are looking to the Long Island Power Company (LIPA) for compensation, reports local news source NY1 (“Numerous Rockaway Homeowners Sue LIPA Over Sandy Fires,” by Ruschell Boone).

Homeowner Stephen McDade is a party to the suit. “McDade and his Belle Harbor neighbors claim the Long Island Power Authority is at fault for not shutting down the Rockaway power grid during the storm,” reports NY1. “Con Edison, which supplies electricity to most of the city, did shut down power to areas at risk from the floodwaters.”

Attorney Keith Sullivan, who represents dozens of homeowners who lost their homes in the runaway fires, says he has filed claims against LIPA totaling $50 million. The utility had no comment, reports NY1.