Pending Study

In the article "Weather-Tight Exteriors" in your Fall 2004 issue, Clayton DeKorne mentions a study being done by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. on the drying potential of various wall systems, including one using Home Slicker. He said the study was to be done by the end of 2005. How can I find the results of this study (or any other similar studies)?

Ron Lynch, Nantucket, Mass.

Editor's note: According to Barry Craig, the senior researcher at the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC), this project took a bit longer than expected but will be available in June 2006. The results will be published as a research report with summary research highlights; both available through the CMHC Library (

Cover Critique

Why would you feature a cover photo entitled "Durable Exteriors: Preparing for the Weather's Onslaught" (Fall 2005) in which laborers are installing the sidewall felt over the window side and apron splines?

After countless articles in JLC and in Coastal Contractor correctly elaborating the importance of the fact that water runs downhill and should be directed out of the wall plane at every opportunity, it is a shame you would overlook such a glaring mistake. Otherwise, your publications usually get it right.

Lee Dunn, Nantucket, Mass.

I enjoy your magazine and the various ideas and products presented that are unique to us working on the coast. Being a remodeler here at the Jersey Shore for 28 years, I'm hoping the cover picture (Fall 2005) is one of those "can you find the number of mistakes?" and that there is a prize involved.

Allan Tehune Sr., Beachwood, N.J.

Coastal Textbook

Having been a subscriber to JLC since it was The New England Builder, I have credited the publication with helping me learn better techniques in construction. I see now that Coastal Contractor is continuing this tradition.

The Fall 2005 issue with the article "Case Study: Ten Years After" reinforced a lot of what has been learned and increased our knowledge of how different materials hold up.

The latest issue (January/February 2006) will be the textbook for a crew seminar. We are ordering additional copies for all our crewmembers and will spend a couple of hours going over the articles in a company technical education meeting. Your Products section highlights some very interesting products as well.

Keep up the great work (so we can do better work).

David P. Thomas, Wrightsville Beach, N.C.