This week’s deadly balcony collapse in California brought home the serious consequences of ignoring construction safety.

Six people were killed and eight others injured when a balcony on the Library Gardens Apartment Complex in Berkeley came loose from the exterior wall and gave way. Even though it had more than a dozen people on it at the time, overloading was not the cause of the failure, a local structural engineer told the Los Angeles Times.

According to Gene St. Onge, a civil and structural engineer in Oakland, severe dry rot of the seven cantilevered beams supporting the balcony seems to be the likely culprit. See the LA Times Inforgraphic: What Caused the Collapse?  No mention is made of the presence or condition of flashing or other water control measures that might have prevented the dry rot.

This is just one of the deadly building failures in the past few years. BUILDER's Jennifer Goodman looks at six others.  Read more.