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Q&A: Shallow Foundation for Flat Site Q&A: Shallow Foundation for Flat Site

Q. I have a client who wants me to build a 30x40-foot unheated barn-garage with a slab floor. The area where the building will sit is very flat, with no lower terrain nearby, so it's not feasible to build a typical 4-foot stem wall with a daylight drain. Frost depth is 48 inches around here (northern Vermont). I wonder if a shallow frost-protected slab would work in this application. Do I need to thicken the edges? And do I need a rebar grid in the slab? Read more

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Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

Correctly placed perimeter insulation eliminates the need for a deep frost footing. A Midwest builder explains this CABO-approved method for building foundations and slabs-on-grade. Read more

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Window Trim for Thick Walls

Thick energy-efficient walls call for special treatment of window jambs and trim. Whether the finish is stucco, drywall, or wood, these three builders have developed details that work. Read more

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Tight Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral ceilings can cause insulation and ventilation headaches, and an occasional indoor rainstorm. A builder who’s tested several options describes workable solutions. Read more

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Shallow Foundations: Beating the Frost

An energy-conscious Iowa contractor tells how his switch to frost-protected shallow footings cut his foundation costs while maintaining quality and energy savings. Read more

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