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Nail Stains and Mahogany Decking Nail Stains and Mahogany Decking

Q: The mahogany decking we installed on a house last year has developed some dark staining around the stainless steel nail heads (see photo). The staining is worse on the front porch, which is covered, and not nearly as bad on the back deck, which receives full sun. Whats causing it? Read more

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Squirrels and Cedar Siding

We installed untreated cedar shingles on the exterior walls of a vacation home in central Maryland. Now the owners are complaining that squirrels are eating the new siding. And the squirrels really are eating it - they're not just trying to get inside the house. Is there anything we can apply to the siding to discourage them? Read more

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Polyurethane Paints for Wood Windows

Q: My client's old wood windows are badly in need of a new paint job. My client, a sailor, suggested using a high-performance polyurethane enamel boat paint on the windows to cut down on future maintenance. It seems to me that if a finish can adhere to the hull of a wooden boat, it should be able to perform well on a wooden window, but I've never used this paint in this application before. Is it a good idea? Read more

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Persistent Mildew

Q: Twelve years ago, we sided a house with vertical-grain cedar treated with a solid oil stain. When mildew started to appear, we were asked to return and apply a second coat of stain. The house cleaned up nicely when we washed it with a bleaching solutio Read more

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Paint Over Stain?

Q. Paint Over Stain? Is it okay to use an exterior latex house paint over stained wood siding? Read more

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