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Q&A: Venting a Porch Roof

Q: I’m building a porch with a hip roof and a solid ceiling. Without soffit vents or roof vents will the roof get hot enough to shorten the life of the asphalt shingles? Are there any other reasons to vent a porch roof? Read more

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Q&A: Powered Attic Ventilation

Q: I am trying to plan the best way to ventilate a hipped roof above an attic. Since the ridge is very short, ridge venting is not an option. I was planning to install powered exhaust ventilation. How should I size the fan? Read more

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Q&A: Water in Under-Slab Ducts

Q: Nine years ago I built a new house on a slab foundation. We put in a forced-air heating system, and the hvac contractor ran the ducts under the slab. The house is on a lake, and during certain times of year rising ground water enters the ducts. We Read more

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Q&A: Attic Ventilation Details

Q: I am improving the attic ventilation in a 30-year-old two-story house in Virginia. My plan is to install soffit vents and insulation baffles. The attic has gable vents with thermostatically controlled fans. Do I have to install a ridge vent, or are the Read more

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Q&A: Fixing a Moldy Crawlspace

Q: A homeowner wants me to eliminate the moldy smell from a crawlspace. The crawlspace has a concrete floor, with fiberglass batt insulation between the floor joists. There are two louvered vents that are left open year-round. Would it help to insulate the walls with rigid foam and seal the vents shut? Read more

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