Bob Kovacs

Bob Kovacs, based in Canton, Ga., has more than 25 years of experience managing and estimating residential and commercial construction projects.

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The Artful Side of Estimating The Artful Side of Estimating

Staying profitable requires more than just counting sticks. Read more

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Business Business

Remodeling without losing your shirt; caution before cloning Read more

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Bidding Large Jobs Bidding Large Jobs

To avoid costly errors, be methodical about the way you collect and compare prices. Read more

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Demo Near Post-Tension Cables

Q. What precautions should you take when tearing out a post-tensioned slab? What are the risks? We are pouring a large post-tensioned slab, and while there is no demo involved at this stage, I would like to know how to proceed in case there is a plumbing Read more

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Developing Unit-Cost Assemblies for Estimating

Someone posted a question on JLC’s estimating forum recently about using standard assemblies to reduce the amount of time it takes to estimate. He wanted to know how to develop the assemblies and how detailed they ought to be. Read more

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