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Sealing Around a Chimney Sealing Around a Chimney

Q: Code requires that there be a 2-inch-minimum clearance between a chimney and any combustible building materials. In the past, I've tightened attic penetrations around masonry chimneys with metal flashing and used a fireproof caulk to seal the joints. B Read more

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Double Vapor Barriers

Q: While building a new home in upstate New York, we installed R-15 kraft-faced insulation in the walls, but the local building inspector then made us install 4-mil poly over the kraft paper facing. We've been told by other builders and inspectors that this is not a good practice. Is this double vapor barrier likely to cause problems later on? Read more

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Keeping Garage Fumes at Bay

Q. I'm building a house that has an attached 24-by-24-foot garage with a master suite above. The owner is concerned about fumes getting into the living spaces next to and above the garage. What's the best way to seal out the fumes? Read more

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Insulating a Knee Wall Insulating a Knee Wall

Q. Insulating a Knee Wall What's the best way to insulate a knee wall? Read more

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Q&A: Compressing Fiberglass Batts

Q. I’ve heard that if you use 5 1/2-inch-thick fiberglass batts in a 2x4 wall, the insulation will have a higher R-value than standard 3 1/2-inch batts provide. But some people say that compressing fiberglass batts lowers the R-value. What’s the story? Read more

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