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Q&A: Is Weathered OSB Okay?

Q: I am siding a building that was framed and roofed two years ago and is sheathed with 15?32-inch OSB. The building paper blew off one of the gable walls, and now the OSB has turned gray and some of the strands are lifting from the surface. Is the OSB st Read more

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Framing Red Flags Framing Red Flags

Catch these common framing and sheathing errors and you’ll prevent inspection failures and customer callbacks. Read more

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Fix for Bouncy I-Joists?

Q: Instead of glue and nails, my framing subcontractor used screws to fasten the sheathing to the I-joists of a new 14-foot-wide addition. While there are no interior walls bearing on the floor system and no excessive notching in the I-joist flanges - and the joists fall well within the APA's allowable span guidelines - my clients say their floor is excessively bouncy. Does the use of adhesive contribute to the stiffness of an I-joist floor system? Would it help to add midspan blocking? Read more

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Glued Wall Sheathing

Q: Is it okay to glue OSB or plywood sheathing to the wall framing before fastening the sheathing with nails? It seems that this would be a simple and cost-effective way to add strength to a wall assembly while reducing air infiltration. Read more

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Strengthening Garage Door Walls Strengthening Garage Door Walls

Q. Can anyone explain the actual technical concern and reason that new building codes are requiring specific structural improvements on garage door "lug walls" (the short walls next to the garage door opening)? Read more

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