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When to Call a Lawyer

Contractors tend to avoid calling for legal help. Partly this is because they're used to solving their own problems, and partly it's because they don't want to rack up attorney's fees. But certain circumstances — let's call them legal emergencies — absolutely require immediate legal counsel. Read more

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Why Your Contract Should Contain an Indemnification Clause Why Your Contract Should Contain an Indemnification Clause

Say a GC signs a contract to build a fence for a homeowner. After the job is done, the homeowner hits the fence with his car but does not repair the damage. A couple of weeks later the fence falls on a neighbor who is walking down the sidewalk. Who is liable for the neighbor's injury? Read more

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Using Mediation to Settle Construction Disputes

Every so often, a client will call for advice and begin by saying, "I've been in business for 20 years and have never had a problem like this with an owner." It frequently means my client is headed toward mediation. Read more

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Protecting Your Retirement Protecting Your Retirement

Contractors who have spent years trying to make money often fail to think about how they will protect their assets once it's time to sell or close down the business. Read more

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