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Modifying Roof Trusses

My client wants to add a 16-inch-wide 4-inch-deep tray ceiling in a room where the drywall ceiling is attached to the bottom chord of roof trusses. To do this, I'd have to cut out and raise the bottom chords of the trusses. Is that possible? Read more

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Snow Loads on Roofs Snow Loads on Roofs

Q: I've always thought that building codes leave a pretty generous margin for error when specifying allowances for snow loads, but a series of recent storms and a lot of drifting have resulted in some collapsed roofs in my area. I've seen some roofs with large loads on one side and virtually none on the other. Is a roof that has been unequally loaded due to blowing and drifting snow more prone to failure? Read more

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Narrow Shear-Wall Solution Narrow Shear-Wall Solution

Q. I'm the project manager for a construction company that's building a series of townhouses. In one of our designs, the garage walls are only 10 inches wide. There isn't any room to expand these walls, but they still need to be reinforced to prevent rack Read more

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Attaching Deck Ledgers to Engineered Rim Joists Attaching Deck Ledgers to Engineered Rim Joists

Q. Attaching Deck Ledgers to Engineered Rim Joists Are ledger lag-bolting schedules that were developed for 2-by rim joists adequate for engineered rims? It seems that lag bolts would be more likely to pull out of a thinner engineered rim than out of a thicker 2-by Doug fir rim joist. Read more

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Q&A: Bolting a Ledger to Brick Veneer

Q. What’s the best way to attach a deck ledger board to a wood-framed house with brick veneer? Read more

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