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New Deck Footings Near an Old Foundation

Q. Plans for a freestanding deck call for new piers about 2 feet from the house foundation. Is it necessary to dig down to the bottom of the house's footing to reach undisturbed soil, or would the dirt around the foundation of a 60-year-old house be compacted enough to be con sidered undisturbed - in which case we could simply dig to below the frostline (per code)? Read more

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Removing Rocks Without Blasting

Q: We're building a home on a site with difficult access, and we need to remove a lot of boulders without using heavy equipment. Is there a way to break the boulders into smaller chunks without having to deal with dynamite and the associated permitting? Read more

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Buying a Compact Excavator Buying a Compact Excavator

Ownership can reduce your dependence on subs and create new sources of revenue, but be sure to consider all the costs. Read more

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New Tools for 2002

From the aisles of the National Hardware Show, these pro-duty tools may answer the needs of your production team. Read more

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Rebar chairs, laminated glass, high-performance paint stripper, spaceage carpenter pen, mini skid steer loader, more Read more

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