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Solutions to Common Framing Problems Solutions to Common Framing Problems

Even experienced framers make mistakes. A wood-frame expert cites some of the most common errors he’s seen, and provides practical solutions for each. Read more

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Q&A: Truss Uplift Solutions Q&A: Truss Uplift Solutions

Q: What would cause the sole plate of a nonbearing partition wall to pull away from the subfloor? The wall is nailed into roof trusses where they cross it above. There is no sag in the floor system below. Read more

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Common Roof-Framing Errors

A wood-frame expert takes us on a tour of the most common mistakes made by roof framers, and shows how to do it right. Read more

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Q&A: Nailing Joist Hangers

Q: Do you need to put a nail in every joist hanger hole? And do you have to use special hanger nails? Read more

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Troubleshooting Wood Siding

Errors in selection, installation, or finishing can spell ruin for wood siding. A wood products field representative tells how to avoid the most common mistakes. Read more

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