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Crawlspace Ventilation Update

Most crawlspaces should be carefully sealed, not ventilated. In many areas, however, the codes are still catching up with best practice. Read more

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Taking the Worry Out of Drinking Water

As concerns rise over water quality, more contractors will be asked to provide solutions. Here’s what you’ll need to know. Read more

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The Lowdown on Low-Flow Toilets

Ready or not, a federal law that kicks in next January will make low-consumption toilets mandatory in all new residential construction. Read more

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After the Storm: Hard-Won Lessons

Coastal communities need stricter, clearer codes, better training of builders and inspectors, and better quality control, say the experts after a year of studying the most devastating storm in U.S. history. Read more

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A Contractor's Guide to Concrete Anchors

Traditional lead and zinc anchors required “hole spotting” — the tedious marking and predrilling of oversized holes. The new options we survey are quicker to install and far stronger. Read more

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