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Fast Layout for Tall Rake Walls Fast Layout for Tall Rake Walls

This step-by-step procedure for laying out rake walls simplifies cutting and framing. Read more

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Framing, Day One Framing, Day One

A framing contractor explains how he organizes his five-man crew to break down the lumber package, lay out plates, and start building walls on the first day on the job. Read more

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Prefab Shear Walls

If the homes you’re building require tedious shear nailing and truckloads of metal connectors to protect against high wind or earthquake, you may want to consider these premanufactured panels. By saving time, they may save you money on your next engineered job. Read more

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Framing Layout Rules of Thumb Framing Layout Rules of Thumb

A California framer tells how to translate the information on the blueprints into a fast, accurate layout of walls and headers. Read more

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Rafter Cutting Basics Rafter Cutting Basics

A veteran California framer explains step by step how to lay out plumb, seat, heel, and plancer cuts on common, hip, valley, and jack rafters. Read more

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