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Making the Most of Skylights Making the Most of Skylights

By letting in daylight, skylights can enhance a room and even save energy in some cases. Here are some tips for making your installations look great. Read more

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Metal roof questions; in praise of vinyl siding; vapor barriers; recessed fluorescents; bungalow windows; shower head heights; more Read more

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By Design: Bungalow Additions

Avoiding bungled bungalow additions Read more

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Remodeling a Bungalow

These small, single-story houses from the 1920s and ’30s present classic design challenges to the remodeler. In this article, an award-winning architect shows how to make better use of bungalow space without adding on. Read more

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Reinventing the Ranch

Ranch houses from the 1950s are in many ways perfect candidates for ’90s’ remodels. Designed for relaxed living, they adapt well to informal contemporary lifestyles. An award-winning architect explains the guidelines he follows in remaking a ranch. Read more

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