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Telling Co-Workers About a Termination

Employers need to be careful not to give a terminated employee grounds for a defamation lawsuit. Read more

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Are Probationary Periods for New Hires a Good Idea?

Be careful: Probationary periods may jeopardize your company's at-will employment policy. Read more

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How to Play It Safe When Approving Overtime

Managing employees' overtime can be tricky. Here are a few tips to keep your staff happy and your company out of the courtroom. Read more

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Have Job, Will Travel

Unless an employee is driving to or from home, he needs to be paid for travel time. Read more

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What Are the Rules for Paid Lunch Periods and Short Breaks?

Human resources consultant Douglas Delp offers guidance for determining whether you're required to pay employees during their short breaks and lunch times. Read more

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