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Are LEDs Okay in Closets? Are LEDs Okay in Closets?

A client wants to install LED light fixtures in his closets, but my local code inspector is hesitant to approve them. It seems to me that an LED fixture poses no more of a fire risk than a fluorescent light. What does the code say? Read more

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Upgrading to Three-Prong Outlets

Q. In an older house wired with BX cable, can the original two-prong outlets be upgraded to three-prong grounded outlets, provided they're properly bonded to the original metallic boxes? Read more

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Subpanel Bonding

Q: Is it possible to properly bond an electrical subpanel without running four-wire SER cable to it from the service-entrance panel? Some electricians have told me that under certain circumstances the subpanel can have its own ground wire and rod, while o Read more

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To Bond or Not to Bond?

Q. As a building inspector, I understand Article 250 of the most recent National Electrical Code (2005 NEC) to mean that any potential grounding electrodes available to each electrical service must be bonded together into that service's grounding electrod Read more

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