George Weissgerber

George Weissgerber, a senior vice president at Case Design/Remodeling in Bethesda, Md., developed the company's estimating system and handyman division.

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Estimating Spreadsheet Estimating Spreadsheet

A simple spreadsheet adjusts your estimates to account for economies of scale. Read more

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How to Calculate Unit Prices for Labor How to Calculate Unit Prices for Labor

While unit prices for labor are available from a number of sources, the best source is a company's own job history. This article uses an example of framing an exterior wall to show how to use that data to calculate unit costs for labor based on material quantities. Read more

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Building a Unit Price Building a Unit Price

The foundation of every computerized estimating system is its database of unit prices, but how do you begin to build a price? George Weissgerber outlines the process from start to finish. Read more

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Stick-Estimate Worksheet Stick-Estimate Worksheet

A straightforward spreadsheet can be used for a single task or as a building-block for a unit-pricing database Read more

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Using a Simple Timecard to Collect Labor History Using a Simple Timecard to Collect Labor History

Gather accurate information for your estimates Read more

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