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In the Clear In the Clear

Clear finishes that preserve the natural look of exterior woodwork take a beating in any climate but have an even harder time withstanding the onslaught of sun, salt, and moisture in coastal climes. In this article, we go to boatbuilders, paint chemists, door-finishing specialists, and marine carpenters to find out how to apply and maintain the most durable clear finishes on high-end custom homes. Read more

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Eave Details: Practical Ways to Insulate & Ventilate

How to get good airflow and high R-value at the eaves has long confounded cold-climate designers. Here, energy-efficient builders share their solutions. Read more

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Roach-Free Remodeling

Through integrated pest management, the remodeler can make his inner-city projects inhospitable to roaches, but favorable to restaurants and residences. Read more

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JLC Field Guide
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