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Q&A: Outlet on Boxed Column Q&A: Outlet on Boxed Column

If you box in a Lally column in a finished basement, does code require that you install an outlet there? Read more

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Vent Insulation Clearance

What are the requirements for Type B vent pipe? Read more

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Hallway Outlets

What are the rules for eletrical outlets in hallways? Read more

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Duct Chases and Electrical Wiring

Is it okay to fish electrical wiring through the wood-framed chases built around hvac ducts and chimneys? Read more

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Pancake Boxes and Ceiling Fixtures

Q: To retrofit light fixtures for old plaster ceilings that will be covered with new drywall, I plan to screw 1/2-inch-deep metal pancake boxes into the lathe of the existing ceilings and hang the new drywall around the boxes. But my electrician wants to cut into the ceiling and install deeper ceiling boxes, which will require additional blocking and more labor. He says that 31/2-inch-diameter by 1/2-inch-deep pancake boxes don't have sufficient fill capacity to make the electrical connection; is he right? Read more

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