Howard Brickman

Howard Brickman is the owner of Brickman Flooring Co., which sells, installs, and finishes wood floors. He also conducts training seminars at his shop for flooring contractors and finishers.

Howard Brickman's Posts

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Installing Prefinished Strip Flooring Installing Prefinished Strip Flooring

Skip the sanding but take more time for a careful install Read more

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Nailing Wood Flooring

Hammers, pneumatic nailers, and nailing machines all have their pros and cons. Read more

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Controlling the Moisture Content of Wood Flooring

Q: What's the proper procedure for acclimating wood flooring to the moisture content of a building before installation? Read more

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Installing a Wood Parquet Floor

Assessing the moisture content and surface condition of the slab was the critical first step. Read more

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