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Remodeler's Guide to Building Skylight Wells

Skylight installations — especially those with splayed shafts — can challenge all of a remodeler’s skills. A California carpenter leads us step-by-step through layout, framing, and finish. Read more

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Roughing-In for Kitchens and Baths

Here’s a prescription for installing k&b fixtures and appliances with minimal trouble, by a remodeling foreman. Read more

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Installing Seismic Framing Connectors

A foreman describes how West Coast contractors install foundation, wall, and roof connectors without breaking the flow of framing. Read more

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Job-Site Storage Solutions

One remodeler’s answers to organizing a variety of tools and materials on a crowded building site. Read more

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Shear Wall Basics

Every few years earthquakes cause damage to buildings on the West Coast. We look at new, engineered building practices that are helping frame houses meet the test. Read more

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