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Hurricanes: Why Stucco Walls Got Wet

Designs, methods, codes, and workmanship all played a role in Florida’s soggy storm experience. Read more

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Q&A: Double-Side Vapor Barrier Q&A: Double-Side Vapor Barrier

Q: As part of the gut remodel of a 1940 house near Houston, Texas, we installed 3/4-inch rigid foam over the exterior wall sheathing, followed by vinyl siding. On the interior, we exposed the 2x4 studs and installed fiberglass batts. Then we installed 1/2-inch foil-faced rigid foam followed by drywall. In that climate, will these “foam sandwich” walls trap moisture? Read more

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Q&A: Right Size for an Insulating Air Space

Q: How big does an air space need to be before it stops working as insulation and starts working as a convective loop? Read more

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Q&A: Does Wood Siding Need an Air Space Behind It?

Q: I’m considering installing wood siding over a rain screen, but I’m unsure whether the potential benefits justify the extra expense. What is the real benefit of an air space behind wood siding? Read more

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Q&A: Installing Cedar Siding Over Rigid Foam Sheathing Q&A: Installing Cedar Siding Over Rigid Foam Sheathing

Q: What are the risks of installing cedar siding directly over foil-faced rigid foam insulation? Should tar paper or housewrap be used as well? Read more

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