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Q&A: Service-Entrance Cable Under a Garage

Q: The proposed location for my client's new detached garage is right on top of a buried service-entrance cable. The electric meter is mounted on a pedestal about 100 feet from the house, and a conduit runs to the house through the area where the garage — Read more

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Moving an Electrical Box Moving an Electrical Box

Q: On a current kitchen remodel, my electrician placed one of the electrical boxes for the countertop outlets too low. I need to raise it about an inch to clear a stone backsplash. There's enough stripped Type NM-B cable left in the box to do this without splicing, but because the plastic sheathing has been stripped from the cable and there's no slack in the house wiring, doing so would leave an inch of unsheathed - but insulated - wiring exposed in the wall cavity behind the drywall. Is it okay to simply slip a section of plastic sheathing over the exposed wiring, perhaps using electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing to hold the sheath in place? Read more

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