John Carroll

John Carroll, author of Working Alone, is a builder who lives and works in Durham, N.C.

John Carroll's Posts

Framing Eaves and Rakes Framing Eaves and Rakes

Full-size drawings and a handy jig speed layout and minimize the chance for errors Read more

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Retrofitting a Pocket Door Retrofitting a Pocket Door

Installing a door entirely from one side of a wall without disturbing finishes on the other side is possible, but requires a delicate touch. Read more

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Replacing a Patio's Brick Border

For best results, use the right kind of brick and the appropriate type of mortar. Read more

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Solo Installation of Crown Molding Solo Installation of Crown Molding

Techniques developed over the course of 25 years on the job take the place of a helper. Read more

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The Extractor Nail Puller The Extractor Nail Puller

Because it grabs nails without cutting through the nail shank, The Extractor can help with deconstruction work where you want to preserve the materials for reuse. Read more

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