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Q&A: Porch Floor Board Orientation

Q: I’m building a roofed porch with tongue-and-groove fir decking in New England. The boards will be primed and painted on all sides before installation. The joists run perpendicular to the building, and I’d like to install the flooring parallel to the long dimension of the porch. Does the orientation of the porch boards matter? Read more

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Q&A: Stripping Interior Paint From Carved Moldings

Q: I need to remove several layers of interior paint from elaborate egg-and-dart moldings in a historic house. What is the most efficient way to proceed? Read more

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Q&A: Installing Wood Gutters Q&A: Installing Wood Gutters

Q: I will be installing a 40-ft. length of wood gutter on a historic house. Can you provide details for joining gutter sections, end capping, and installing the outlets? Read more

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Removing Paint from Historic Exterior Brick

Q: We are restoring a 19th-century Victorian home with a painted brick exterior. The client wants to remove the six or more existing layers of paint, down to the natural brick. What is the best way to remove the paint without destroying the brick or morta Read more

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Q&A: What Is Dry Rot?

Q: I’m confused by the term "dry rot." It seems contradictory since rot occurs when wood is wet. Or is there a kind of rot that happens to wood that is too dry? Read more

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