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Q&A: Can I Build a Cabinet Around Hydronic Baseboard? Q&A: Can I Build a Cabinet Around Hydronic Baseboard?

Even if you install a grille, building a wood cabinet around strip of hydronic baseboard radiator will compromise heating performance Read more

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Hydronic Heating for Low-Load Houses Hydronic Heating for Low-Load Houses

With the right hardware and layout, hot-water heating saves energy and makes ideal use of the sun. Read more

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Fixing a Radiant-Tubing Leak

Q. I have a leak in my recently installed radiant tubing, no doubt caused by freezing last winter before the system was fully operational. The tubing is a 300-foot run buried in a 4-inch concrete slab. Is there some kind of "stop leak" that can be circula Read more

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Will Carpet Stifle a Radiant Slab?

Q. I'm finishing a basement room for customers who want to put carpet over the radiant slab. I'm concerned the carpet will insulate off some of the heat, but I can't talk them out of it. The slab is 4 to 5 inches thick, and the 1/2-inch PEX tubing is laid out on 12-inch centers, with 11/2 inches of styrofoam insulation under the slab and around its edges. The slab is at least 5 feet below grade; local frost depth is 48 inches. Is there a type of carpet and pad that would allow more heat to radiate into the room? Will the carpet cause heat to be lost into the ground? Read more

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Installing a Radiant Wall

Sometimes heavy floor coverings, furniture, or built-ins reduce the area available for radiant heating. This heating specialist shows how to turn walls and ceilings into heat emitters. Read more

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