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Insulating a Radiant Slab

How much insulation is necessary under a typical basement radiant slab? Read more

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Flooring for a Radiant Slab

Q. Passive Solar Flooring Instead of tile, my clients want to install a wood-finish floor over the insulated concrete slab of a planned passive solar addition. They've also asked us to install tubing in the slab to give them the option of radiantly heating the space. But won't wood flooring have a significant insulating effect that will diminish both solar heat gain and radiant heat transfer? Read more

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Q&A: Combining Radiant and Baseboard Heat Q&A: Combining Radiant and Baseboard Heat

Q: I have a hot-water system feeding high-temperature baseboard heaters and a low-temperature radiant slab. How should the system be set up to accommodate these separate zones? Read more

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