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Lowering a Basement Floor Lowering a Basement Floor

Gaining an extra foot of headroom isn’t easy, but it can yield valuable living space. Read more

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Realistic Scheduling for Remodelers Realistic Scheduling for Remodelers

The owner and production manager of a high-end remodeling company tell how they build schedules they can stick to. Read more

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Office Basics for Field Carpenters

Let’s face it: Carpenters hate paperwork. But solid information from the field is essential to a company’s success. A veteran remodeler explains his system for teaching car-penters to take care of business on the job site. Read more

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Training Lead Carpenters

A job foreman needs more than good carpentry skills to manage the construction site. Here are the techniques a successful builder uses to find lead carpenters within his own ranks, rather than hiring from outside. Read more

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Designing a Porch That Fits :

A remodeler talks about designing and building a porch that does more than keep out the rain. Read more

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