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On-Demand Water Heaters

For occasional hot water usage, or when fixture groups are located far from a central storage tank, instantaneous or point-of-use water heaters can be an economical option. Read more

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Temporary Site Lighting

It’s hard to do good work in the dark. Here’s an overview of products to light up the job site, from hand-held and string lights to powerful stanchion lights. Read more

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Skylight Options and Accessories

The difference between one skylight and another is in the details. Here’s an overview of add-ons for roof windows. Read more

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Q&A: Safer Treated Wood

Q: Clients have been asking us about ACQ, a new pressure-treated wood that is supposed to be "nontoxic." Does this product pose fewer hazards than CCA lumber? How does the new product perform? Read more

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Problem-Solving Tools and Materials

Here’s a look at new and noteworthy products we think will help you build better, faster, and smarter. Read more

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JLC Field Guide
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