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Hiding Knotholes in Exterior Trim

Q. I'm doing an addition on a house I built several years ago. Some of the eastern white pine exterior trim - which was primed on all four sides with oil primer and top-coated with white latex - is showing sap stains. None of the knots or obvious sapwood was preprimed with BIN (www.zinsser.com), our usual shellac-based stain-blocking primer. Would it do any good now to go back and recoat the dark areas with BIN before recoating with latex? Or is it too late? Read more

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Repainting Aluminum Siding

Q: Does faded aluminum siding with a chalklike residue on the surface require any special preparation before repainting? Read more

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Painting Cedar Shutters

Q. What's the best way to prep and paint new cedar shutters? Read more

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Rx For Wood Windows - Preventing Paint Failure Rx For Wood Windows - Preventing Paint Failure

To prevent paint failure, make sure wood windows are properly flashed, prepped, and painted… and don't forget the caulk. Read more

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