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Trimming Windows in a Deep Wall Trimming Windows in a Deep Wall

Careful detailing helps maintain the thermal break provided by the high-performance window, and flaring the sides of the 8-inch-deep window well allows plenty of light to reach inside. Read more

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Minisplit Installation on an Interior Wall

Much less expensive to install than an oil-fired hot-water heating system, minisplits are extremely efficient too Read more

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Electric Water Heating for a Low-Load Home Electric Water Heating for a Low-Load Home

Installing an electric tankless water heater proves to be cost-effective and energy efficient. Read more

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Calculating FPSF Insulation Requirements

There are two good sources for designing frost-protected shallow foundations (FPSFs). Read more

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Cost-Saving Insulated Foundations Cost-Saving Insulated Foundations

Reduced excavation and forming time make ICFs a cost-effective way to build a frost-protected slab-on-grade or crawlspace. Read more

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