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Q&A: Turning Cedar Shingles Gray

Q: What’s the best way to treat new white cedar shingles to give them a gray, weathered look? Read more

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Q&A: Nailing Cedar Shingles Q&A: Nailing Cedar Shingles

Q: A new lead carpenter on my crew says that when installing cedar shingle siding on a house, he was always taught to put a third nail in the wider shingles. Is he right? Read more

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Q&A: Bending Wood Shingles

Q: I’m about to take on a wood-shingle roofing job on an unusual roof with a lot of sinuous curves. I’m planning on steaming and bending strapping to provide a nailing base for the shingles, then steaming and bending the shingles, too. But isn’t there an easier way? Read more

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