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Bosch T4B Miter-Saw Stand Bosch T4B Miter-Saw Stand

The Bosch T4B's solid-rubber tires roll over rough terrain and make it easier to get the saw and stand up a stairway. Read more

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Pelican 2720 LED Headlight Pelican 2720 LED Headlight

A great little lamp with lots of features Read more

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Max AKHL1230E 500-psi Compressor Max AKHL1230E 500-psi Compressor

I was introduced to the Max PowerLite high-pressure pneumatic fastening system in 2007 while testing framing nailers for Tools of the Trade magazine. Read more

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Rotproof Fences Rotproof Fences

Keep water moving and seal up the end grain for a long-lasting fence in a wet climate Read more

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Protecting Doors and Windows In Wet Climates Protecting Doors and Windows In Wet Climates

To fend off rot, treat wood with borates and epoxy coatings, keep jambs and sills elevated, and provide ventilation wherever you can. Read more

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