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Connecting a Dishwasher Drain Hose

Is it better to run the dishwasher drain into the kitchen sink drain or directly into the waste line? Read more

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Venting a Sewage Ejector Tank

What is the proper way to vent a system that uses a sewage ejector tank? Read more

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Best Pipe for Gas Lines?

Q: In my area, only black iron pipe is allowed for gas lines. Is there a problem with galvanized pipe? Read more

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Deep Traps Deep Traps

My client's kitchen sink has a shallow 6-inch-deep bowl, and the drain connection is located in the wall rather than the floor. She would like to replace the sink with one that has a much deeper bowl, but that will place the bottom of the bowl at nearly the same level as the drain opening. Is it okay to use a deeper trap and the same drain opening, or will the drain opening need to be moved to accommodate the deeper sink? Read more

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Clearances for Outdoor Cookers

My clients want to install a built-in high-Btu gas griller as part of a planned outdoor kitchen on the deck attached to their house. Can the cooker be placed under a protective overhang created by extending the existing roof? Read more

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