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Q&A: Pressurization vs. Depressurization in Blower-Door Tests

Q: When you're doing a blower-door test, does it matter whether you're pushing air in or pulling it out? In other words, is the air infiltration rate the same at -50 pascals as it is at +50 pascals? And if so, when would you use one approach and when the Read more

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Attic Insulation for Hot Climates? Attic Insulation for Hot Climates?

Q: Builders in cold climates often go beyond code-required attic insulation levels, especially when using a relatively inexpensive material like blown-in cellulose. Is the same approach helpful in cooling climates? Read more

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Home Performance Contracting Home Performance Contracting

Careful diagnostic testing is the key to cost-effective energy upgrades. Read more

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