Mike Sloggatt

Mike Sloggatt has been remodeling old homes on Long Island for more than 27 years and is a member of the JLC LIVE construction demonstration team.

Mike Sloggatt's Posts

Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath

Along the battered Northeast coast, contractors assess the damage and get to work Read more

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After the Storm: Long Island

I’ve been worried about a storm like this for over 10 years, ever since hearing NOAA warnings about the flood risks faced by anyone living south of the Long Island's Montauk Highway. Read more

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Framing to a Fixed Elevation Framing to a Fixed Elevation

Use this simple technique to adjust for height above plate when figuring roof cuts. Read more

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Preventing Gaps in PVC Trim

Q: I've completed a couple of projects with cellular PVC trim boards, and in both of them wide gaps have opened up in the joints even though we used both glue and nails during installation. Is there a way to prevent these gaps from occurring? Read more

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Building a SIPs Roof Building a SIPs Roof

Complex roofs with hips and dormers can be assembled quickly using these energy-efficient panels. Read more

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