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Stiffening a Pony Wall Stiffening a Pony Wall

Rigid framing for a low wall with one freestanding end Read more

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Expanding a Kitchen

We were wrapping up the latest in a series of renovation projects on a suburban Maryland split-level home when I casually mentioned to the owner that her Thanksgiving family gatherings would be a lot more enjoyable if her small kitchen weren't separated from the dining and living areas by a wall. Read more

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Working With Self-Leveling Floor Underlayments Working With Self-Leveling Floor Underlayments

Flatten uneven subfloors quickly with these pour-inplace compounds. Read more

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Bosch GTL3 Tile Laser Bosch GTL3 Tile Laser

Nearly all my remodeling jobs involve some kind of tile, so I'm constantly doing tile layout. Read more

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Hilti PMC 36 and Agatec CPL 50 Lasers

The two new lasers I tested for this article — Hilti's PMC 36 and Agatec's CPL 50 — combine features not usually found together on one tool. Read more

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JLC Field Guide
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