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Fixing Hairline Stucco Cracks

The stucco siding on my client's recently remodeled home has developed some small cracks. My stucco sub wants to patch them with plastic stucco cement and then prime the walls with latex mortar primer, but I'm afraid the problem will resurface. Is there a better way to fix hairline cracks? Read more

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Fix for Peeling Stucco Fix for Peeling Stucco

The painted finish on my client's recently purchased stucco house is blistering and peeling, and it's obvious that the traditional three-coat stucco underneath has been patched on several previous occasions (see photo, below). The stucco is applied over wood framing, but as is common in older houses, there is no weep screed; the stucco continues right past the bottom plate to the ground. What is causing the problem, and what's the best way to fix it? Read more

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Leaky Stucco

Q. Leaky Stucco I've discovered leaks in the wall cavities of a large, multifamily building my company recently completed. The building has a three-coat stucco finish, and the leaks seem to be located primarily around the windows. An exploratory hole cut in the drywall revealed that the stucco sub's screws missed the studs quite often during installation of the metal lath, creating lots of holes in the stucco wrap. Could water be getting through (or behind) the stucco and entering the building through these holes? If so, how do I fix the problem? Read more

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Q&A: Installing New Stucco Over Old

Q: The owner of a house with existing exterior cement stucco is unhappy with the finish. How difficult is it to install a new coat of stucco over the existing stucco? Read more

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Q&A: Metal Lath Ceiling Demo

Q: I need to remove a metal lath and plaster ceiling in a finished basement. The existing partitions were installed after the ceiling, and I want to disturb the finished walls as little as possible. What tools and techniques should I use for this demoliti Read more

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