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Removing Kerdi Epoxy Grout With Heat

Q: Using a heat gun is an approved method for removing cured epoxy grout from tiles and fixtures [see Q&A, 5/08]. But can the same technique be used when the tile has been installed over Schluter’s Kerdi waterproofing membrane, or would the heat damage the membrane? Read more

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Modified vs. Unmodified Mortar With Kerdi Membranes

Q: When installing stone tiles over Schluter's Kerdi waterproofing membrane, is it okay to use modified thinset mortar? I know that Schluter recommends unmodified thinset mortar, but my supplier suggests that the large and heavy tiles will be easier to install with a polymer-modified no-sag mortar. Read more

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Waterproofing Under a Stone Countertop

Q: Is it okay to use Schluter's Kerdi material as a waterproofing membrane beneath a stone countertop? Because it's flexible, I plan to use it to cover the plywood substrate on top of the cabinets, and then turn it up the wall a few inches so that I can w Read more

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