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Cupped Hardwood Flooring

Q: Can moisture condense on the back of a prefinished hardwood floor above an uninsulated crawlspace and cause cupping? The flooring was installed over 15-pound asphalt felt and an OSB subfloor; poly covers the ground underneath the dry and ventilated crawlspace of the 2-year-old home. Read more

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A Quick Fix for Squeaky Floors?

Q. When a floor is covered by wall-to-wall carpeting, is it possible to fix squeaks without taking up the rug to get to the subfloor? Read more

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Fixing Cracks in Engineered Flooring

Q: Last spring, I installed floating engineered flooring over the original vinyl-covered concrete-slab floor of an old New York City apartment. Even though I followed the manufacturer's installation guidelines, the 8-inch-wide planks began to cup, and cracks measuring 1/32 to 1/16 inch opened up between some of them during the following winter heating season. I assume that the cracks and cupping were caused by this building's wide swings in relative humidity, and that the flooring will return to normal this summer. But my client is unhappy and claims that either the flooring or the installation is defective. Is there a way to remedy this situation, short of removing the flooring and starting over? Read more

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