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Installing High-Velocity HVAC Installing High-Velocity HVAC

Streamlined ductwork, flexible vent placement, and efficient year-round performance make a strong case for high-velocity HVAC, says this veteran installer. Read more

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Radiant Walls and Ceilings for the Bath

In small bathrooms, there may not be enough floor area for adequate radiant heating. An experienced hvac sub describes the products and techniques that can turn the walls and ceilings — and even some fixtures — into radiant heat sources. Read more

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Plastic Plumbing Comes of Age Plastic Plumbing Comes of Age

Ten years of problems with polybutylene piping have made contractors wary of using plastic pipe for domestic water supply. That’s a mistake, according to this plumbing contractor, who has plumbed residential water systems successfully for 15 years using cross-linked polyethylene tubing. Read more

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