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Q&A: Replacing Chimney Counterflashings

Q: Whenever I need to replace chimney counterflashings, I seal the top of the flashing with Quickcrete, using a caulk gun. This product is made for concrete repairs, and comes in a tube. I know that some people will mix up a little mortar for this job, and others use silicone or urethane caulk. What is the best product to use? Read more

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Bending V-Crimped Valley Flashing

Keep runoff under control where roofs of different pitches intersect. Read more

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Flashing a Leakproof Valley Flashing a Leakproof Valley

Valley flashing takes a beating, whether from heavy rain runoff or melting snow and ice. A long-time roofing contractor explains the proper way to waterproof, flash, and shingle a durable valley. Read more

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Leakproof Flashings for Masonry Chimneys

Don’t take the easy way out when retrofitting flashing to an existing chimney. This proven technique from a veteran roofer locks the flashing in place for a watertight seal. Read more

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