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Articles by Tim Uhler

  • Framing a Supporting Valley

    The trick is keeping clean ceiling lines above a vaulted space.

  • Rake Wall Framing

    A system for framing, sheathing, and siding rake walls on the deck, regardless of pitch or wall height.

  • My pencil fits right into the notch and is centered on the layout.

    Framing a Curved Staircase

    Tim Uhler frames a curved freestanding stair and finds that it isn't as difficult as he anticipated.

  • On the Job (Subscriber content)

    Framing an octagonal vaulted ceiling.

  • Working With Large Beams (Subscriber content)

    Tips for planning and equipment that will make working with large glulam or other engineered beams easier and faster.

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    Framing a Hip Roof (Subscriber content)

    For a perfect fit, pay attention to how the roof will be stacked when calculating lengths and laying out cuts.

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    Lightweight Framing Guns

    These sub-8-pound guns are comfortable to use and surprisingly powerful

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    Framing a Roof With I-Joists (Subscriber content)

    Tips and tricks for working efficiently with I-joist rafters

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    Building Stem Wall Foundations - Part II (Subscriber content)

    Continuous steel reinforcement ties the poured concrete walls to the footings

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    Building Stem Wall Foundations (Subscriber content)

    Keeping foundations in-house can make scheduling easier and improve job quality

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    JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers (Subscriber content)

    Two Senco hardware nailers are put to the test

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    JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers (Subscriber content)

    Two Senco hardware nailers are put to the test

  • Inline Circular Saws (Subscriber content)

    As a framer, I prefer inline saws to sidewinders because they're more durable and less likely to bog down in heavy cutting.

  • On Site With Zip System Sheathing

    Get faster dry-in and a tighter building envelope without housewrap.

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    Paslode PF150S-PP Hardware Nailer

    I have used or owned most of the metal-connector nailers on the market, so when I heard that Paslode was introducing a new, smaller Positive Placement tool, I was eager to try it.

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    DeWalt DWS535 Wormdrive Saw

    This spring DeWalt introduced the DWS535 wormdrive saw.

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    Bosch SN350-20F Framing Nailer

    When Bosch introduced its first line of pneumatic nailers last spring, it claimed that the tools were 20 percent smaller and 10 percent more powerful than the competition.

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    Milwaukee 6477-20 Wormdrive Saw

    None of my power tools gets used more than my wormdrive saw.

  • Mudsills and Out-of-Level Foundations

    Recently we contracted to do a house with precast foundation walls that were set out of level - up to 3/4 inch over 30 feet, in some places. What's the best way to shim and air-seal the mudsill?

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    Ridgid R3400 Fiber-Cement Saw

    Last fall I reviewed several saws that collect the dust generated when fiber cement is cut.