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Articles by Tim Uhler

  • 1204tb-08


    Tile tools; toolbelts and bags; job-site radio review

  • 0904re-01

    Resources: Plain-Language Shear Wall Guide

    Shear wall guide for carpenters

  • 0604ul-07

    Max Powerlite High-Pressure Nailer

    Max's new high-pressure coil nailer performs remarkably well on the job site, but is it worth the expense? A framing contractor weighs in.

  • 0604uh-04

    Tool Test: Round-Head Stick Nailers

    A West Coast framer compares 11 guns, looking for a tool that's versatile enough for both general framing and nailing shear panel

  • 0204UH-04

    Tool Test: Worm Drive Saws

    A West Coast framer tested eight 7 1/4-inch wormdrive saws to see how the newer models stack up against the old standbys. Here are his results.

  • 1203uh-le

    Installing Fiber-Cement Siding

    Fiber-cement siding is no fun to cut and handle, but its price and durability make it a good deal for spec houses. An experienced installer tells you how to work with it efficiently.