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Bathroom Heirloom Carved from wood the sink pictured above may make your clients' heirs happy. Guaranteed "forever," according to its manufacturer, the sink was made from wood specially impregnated with resin, making it impervious to water and other forms of moisture. The model shown is the company's "1912 Victorian pedestal lavatory" but custom options are available. The company also provides sinks carved from exotic hardwoods, but these sinks have a limited one-year guarantee, and will have to be treated regularly for moisture/water protection. For more information, contact Wood Sink, Inc., 935 West Avenue 37, Los Angeles, CA 90065; 213/222-4035. Clutter-Free Kitchens To conserve on square-footage costs, some homeowners may choose to go compact, but they'll still complain if they feel cramped in their kitchen. One approach